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Mobile Massage

Located in the beautiful Port Douglas Shire in Far North Queensland we offer mobile massage and wellness courses to you:


Mobile Massage Port Douglas

Mobile Massage Port Douglas

You are staying in Port Douglas or Mossman and want to enjoy a therapeutic, remedial or relaxing mobile massage?

Why go anywhere when you can have all the benefits of this amazing treatment in the surroundings of your own room?

This mobile massage service is available for you anywhere in the Port Douglas Shire. You will love the quality treatment you will receive.

During your stay in Port Douglas there is  no need to get out and go home afterwards. With a mobile massage you can relax immediately after the treatment in the comfort of your own place.

Choose between the following massage styles:

Relaxation Massage

A full body massage to unwind & restore harmony. It leaves you feeling totally relaxed & rejuvenated.

Therapeutic Massage

This is a firmer massage that concentrates on your specific problem areas. Therefore it can specifically help to relieve stress, muscular aches & pains & enhance relaxation.

Aromatherapy Massage

This luxurious massage uses 100% pure essential oils of your choice and it combines traditional aromatherapy & therapeutic massage techniques to deeply relax, balance & reconnect your mind, body & soul.

Pregnancy Massage

This special massage is deeply nurturing and it relaxes, relieves stress & enhances well-being of both mother & baby. You can enjoy this massage from the 2nd trimester of pregnancy.


Your Investment

60min – $120  /  90min – $160

For locations other than Mossman or Port Douglas please inquire about any additional call-out cost.

SitZen – Chair Massage

SitZen – Chair Massage

You are stressed and tense but don’t have the time for a full relaxation massage? Looking for a fast mobile massage in Port Douglas but don’t want any oil used or you don’t have a lot of time?

Then SitZen, our style of chair massage is just right for you!

Sit –Zen combines

  1. “to sit” with Japanese “Zen” which can be translated as “immersed in relaxation”
  2. elements of western style massage, Shiatsu and pressure points treatments

This massage is for you if you

  • have little time
  • wish to avoid undressing and oil but still want to enjoy the benefits of a massage
  • have been enduring long sitting (eg. traveling, conferences etc)
  • need a short pick-me-up during your lunch break

Treatments last 10-15min and are performed on a specialized portable massage chair.

Your Investment:

10min – $15  / 15min – $20

The minimum charge is $30. So get your friends, colleagues or family together and enjoy an amazing refreshing SitZent Chair Massage each. This is also a great idea if you are having an event in Port Douglas / Mossman or for any local company to offer the gift of relaxation to their staff.

For locations other than Mossman or Port Douglas please inquire about any additional call out cost.


Baby Massage

Baby Massage

Baby Massage is a great way to bond with your child.

Learn to massage your baby and enjoy:

  • A stronger loving bond with your baby
  • Longer and better quality sleep for your baby
  • Ease discomfort and pain caused by wind, colic and constipation
  • Stimulate your baby’s neurological development
  • Meet with other parents

Duration: Five x 1 hour sessions at your home

Group size: Between 2 and 6 parents plus baby

Suitable for: Babies up to 12 months

Investment: $120 per participating parent

Wellness Workshops

Wellness Workshops

We offer a rang of one day wellness workshops that are fun and educational.

They range from Happiness to weight management information and are available all year round for small groups from two to 8 participants.

For these workshops we come to your accommodation (within the Douglas Shire) and give you new insights in the different topics available. To make this work at your place you should have enough space for your group plus one or two trainers. Depending on the subject we might need a bit of space for some exercise so you can enjoy the full experience.

If you are interested in a personal session of 1-2hrs we can arrange that as well. Just contact us here.

You find all the information in our pdf file
miamo wellness retreats One Day Workshops
(just click on the link to download it).

At the moment we have the following topics available:

  • Mindfulness & Meditation
  • Happiness – it’s Causes & Enemies
  • De-Stress
  • Food & Nutrition

Your Investment:

$197/per person
Includes all workshops, lunch, morning and afternoon tea

All workshops need to be booked at least 48hrs in advance
Minimum 2, maximum 8 participants

Workshops start approx. 9:30 am and finish approx 4:30pm and are held at your accommodation

Wellness Retreats

Wellness Retreats

If you want more than “just” pampering and are interested in learning and understanding

  • how to re-connect with yourself and your surroundings
  • ways to de-stress at home
  • what causes happiness
  • how to lose weight and keep it of

or if you always wondered what this mindfulness thing is or if you should try out some yoga –

then I invite you to our 5 day wellness retreats.

For more details just head over to for more details.




Renee has successfully worked as a therapist and Spa manager for over 12 years. She has received several awards for “Best Spa Experience” and “Best Health Treatment” as well as for “Best Massage Therapist”.


  • TouchLife Massage Therapist
  • Assistant Trainer for TouchLife Massage
  • Trainer for Holistic Baby Massage
  • Certified Wellness Trainer
  • Shiatsu Training in Japan & Hong Kong
  • Reiki Level 1 & 2
  • over 12 years of successful day spa management and operations
  • B.Sc. Telecommunication (> 10 years’ work experience)
  • Master of B to B Marketing


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